Static translations

Static translations are translated terms (words or sentences) which are not content, but which concerns generally the website interface.

For example, terms like "Go home" or "Submit button" are static translations.

Another example is the common text "Website created by My Agency" at the bottom of the website. This can of course be written “hardly” in the view, but it could be nice to make it available for each language of the website. So if the user visit the website in french, this text will become "Site conçu par Mon Agence", which of course is nicer for french readers.

To manage static translation, go to the Ionize panel : Content > Translations

More about static translationsTop of Page

Static translations are stored in a language file, linked to the current theme.

This file is generated by Ionize.

Folder : /themes/your_theme/language/xxx/your_theme_lang.php

In this example, "xxx" is the language code on 2 or 3 chars, and "your_theme" is the name of your theme.

Using static translations in viewsTop of Page

  1. Simply add the tag <ion:lang key=”your_term” /> in one of your view.
  2. Go to the Ionize menu : Content > Translations
  3. You will find your term and be able to translate it