Pages organize the content. They are used to build the navigation.

Pages can be nested, to create a multi-level navigation.

Pages are also containers used to display content (articles) or simply links to internal content or external URLs.

One page can only have one parent menu.

Creating one pageTop of Page

To create one page, you can :

  • Click on the Add Page icon on the right of the menu name OR
  • In the main menu, select Content > Create page...

The options of the page aren't available when creating one page.
They will be available once the page is saved.

Pages settingsTop of Page

A page can be totally offline or online, or only online for a defined language.
In this case, the page must be globally online and offline for the wished language.

One page as a linkTop of Page

A page can link to an URL.

For example, a navigation item can link to an external URL or to an other internal page. Because pages are navigation items, simply add a link to a page to activate this behavior.

To create one link to another page in the website :

  • First save you new page, to display the right option column,
  • Then drag the pointed page from the structure tree to the link area of the source page.

If one page is a link to an URL (internal or external), the content of this page will never be displayed.
Clicking on its link in the website navigation menu will point to the given link.

To create one link to an external URL :

  • Write the complete URL in the link area of the page. Example : ""
  • Click on "Add link"

Page fieldsTop of Page

Here is a description of the default fields of pages.

These fields can be set through the Ionize page edition panel and through the page options panel.

Main fields

FieldCan be translatedDescription
Title Yes Page's title
Subtitle Yes Page's subtitle
URL Yes Page's website URL.
Must be unique on the whole website.
Navigation title Yes Title of the page in the website's navigation menu.
Windows title Yes Browser's window title. Useful for SEO.

Options : Attributes

FieldCan be translatedDefaultDescription
Display in nav No Checked If unchecked, this page will not be displayed in the navigation menu.
The page URL will be reachable, even it is not in the navigation menu.
Has URL No Checked

If unchecked, this page will not be in the URL.

For example with the page :
Company / Services / Customer Help

If the page "Services" has the checkbox "Has URL" unchecked, the URL of the page "Customer Help" will be :

If the page "Services" has the checkbox "Has URL" checked, the URL of the page "Customer Help" will be :

If the page has no URL, it can't be called and will return one 404

View No core/page Define the view to use for this page.
If not set, Ionize will:
  • First look for one view called page.php in the website theme folder
  • Use the default view in : /application/views/core/page.php
Single article view No Define the page view to use to display one single article.
Articles view No If set, define which view will be used by articles showed by this page when more than one article is displayed.

Options : Parent

Changing the menu and/or page of one page will move the page to the selected menu / page.

Menu Select box of the available website's menus
Page Select box of the available website's pages

Options : Dates

Date Logical date of the page. Will replace the creation date when using the date tag.
Publish Date from when the page will be published
Unpublish Date from when the page will be unpublished.

Options : Sub navigation

Not documented at the moment.
This feature needs to be confirmed.

Options : Advanced options

Home Unchecked If checked, this page will become the home page of the website.
Used by module Unckecked If checked, sub URL of this page coming from modules will not return one 404
Article / Page 0 Pagination : Number of articles to display per page.
0 means display all articles.

Options : SEO

FieldCan be translatedDescription
Sitemap priority No Sitemap priority of this page. 5 is the defualt value.
Description Yes Meta description for this page. Will replace the website's default meta description.
Keywords Yes Meta keywords for this page. Will replace the website's default meta keywords

Options : Access authorization

Group Group from whom the access is allowed. Each group with one level equal or greather than the selected group will have access to the page.

Options : Operations

Copy content
Copy the content of the page from one language to another.
Include articles If checked, the copy operation will also copy the content of the articles linked to the page
Reorder articles Reorder the articles of this page by date (descendant or ascendant)

Display page in viewsTop of Page

Here is one example on how to display page's data in views.

For a complete page tag documentation, see Page tag documentation.

      <!-- Displays the current page's title -->
      <h2><ion:page:title /></h2>
<ion:page:subtitle tag="h3" />
<!-- Displays the current page's date (creation date or publish date) --> <ion:page:date format="d.M.y" /> </body> </html>