Articles contains the textual content.

One article can be a :

  • A simple article
  • One blog post with publication dates
  • One images gallery,
  • Any other content... depending on the way it will be used and displayed in the view.

Parent pages

One article can have one or more parent page. That means it can be linked to more than one page.

One common usage is to be able to add one article from one internal page to one slider of the home page.
This could be done automatically, but sometimes, the editor wants to have the flexibility to add choosen articles.

One article can also be orphan, without any parent. In this case, it can't be displayed but is editable through the Ionize Dashboard "Orphan articles" list

Main parent

If one article has more than one parent page, it will always one "main parent" page.

The main parent page will be used to build the URL to the article.

Create one articleTop of Page

They are several way to create an article :

  • When editing one page : Click on the Create Article button,
  • In the Structure panel : Fly with the mouse over one page and click on the Create Article icon. The article will be created with this page as parent.

Articles and parents pagesTop of Page

Articles can be linked to parents page by drag and drop its name:

  • From the Structure tree to another page,
  • From the Articles panel articles list to a page in the Structure tree,
  • By dragging a page from the Structure tree to the Parents list of the article when editing an article,
  • From the Dashboard articles lists to one page the Structure tree.

Article typesTop of Page

Each article can be linked to one article type in its parent page.

Article types will define the kind of article and helps the developer to display articles in the good place in views.


  • Your website has one home page slider
  • Editors must be able to select which article will be displayed in this slider

Solution :

  • In Content > Articles Types, create one Article Type with the name "home-slider"
  • The editor links the wished article also on the home page.
    -> The article will have one "main parent" and one 2nd parent, which will be the home page.
  • In the home page view, filter the displayed articles on the type "home-slider"

The Article type is page dependant :
Set the type "home-slider" to one article on the home page will not change its type for its original parent.

One article as linkTop of Page

One article can link to an URL.

To create one link to another page or article in the website :

  • First save you new article, to display the right option column,
  • Then drag the pointed page or article from the structure tree to the link area ("drop a link here") of the source article.

To create one link to one external URL :

Articles fieldsTop of Page

Here is a description of the default fields of articles.

These fields can be set through the Ionize article edition panel and through the article options panel.

FieldCan be translatedDescription
Online in <Lang>
Yes If unchecked, the article will not be available for this language
Title Yes Article's title
Subtiutle Yes Article's subtitle
URL Yes Article's URL, built when typing the title. Can be changed.
Windows title Yes Browser's window title, displayed when the article is standalone displayed, for example when displaying one post of a blog page.

Options : Attributes

Indexed unchecked If checked, this article will be available for search functionnality (through the search module)
Categories Categories to wich the articles is linked to.
It is possible to select more than one category through CTRL+click or CMD+click
Parents List of parent pages of this article.
The main parent page has a purple icon with one "P".

Options : Dates

Date Logical date of the article. If set, it will replace the "Creation date" when the date is displayed through the <ion:date /> tag
Publish date If the current date is before the publish date, the article will not be displayed on the website.
If set, the date displayed by the article's <ion:date /> will be the publish date instead of the creation date.
Unpublish date If the current date is after the publish date, the article will not be displayed on the website.

Options : SEO

FieldCan be translatedDescription
Description Yes Meta description for this article. Will replace the website's default meta description.
Keywords Yes Meta keywords for this article. Will replace the website's default meta keywords

Options : Operations

Copy content
Copy the content of the article from one language to another.

Display articles in viewsTop of Page

Here is one example on how to display articles in one view.
Have a look at the Articles Tag Reference for the complete documentation of this tag.

The <ion:articles /> tag is an iterator tag which allows to loop through articles.

The <ion:articles /> tag must be used as child of the <ion:page /> tag to display the articles of one page.



      <!-- Displays the article's title in a H2 HTML tag, only if the title is set -->
      <ion:title tag="h2" />

      <!-- Displays the article's title in a H3 HTML tag, only if the subtitle is set -->
      <ion:subtitle tag="h3" />

      <!-- The article's text content-->
      <ion:content />

      <hr />



// HTML Result : 

<h2>My article<h2>
<h3>Article's subtitle, if any<h3>
<p>The article's content text</p>
<hr />

<h2>Another article<h2>
<p>The other article's content</p>
<hr />