Authority tagTop of Page

Tag : <ion:authority />

Used to check if the current user can do one action on one resource.

Usage :

<ion:authority:can action="edit" resource="admin/page">
</ion:authority:can >

Permissions on articlesTop of Page

Permissions can be set on article with the backend of ionize.
See : Using Ionize & Editing Content > Permissions

By default, when permissions are set to one article, the article will not be displayed for users who don't have the permission to access it, whatever the behavior is (401, 403, 404).
Because articles be displayed in several ways on pages, this is the only default acceptable behavior.

To define how one protected article will be displayed, some tags will help :

Filter article by authorization :
all : no filter
401 : We consider only articles with 401 code
403 : We consider only articles with 403 code
404 : We consider only articles with 404 code
<ion:articles authorization="all">
<ion:article >

<!-- The title of every protected article will be displayed -->
<ion:title tag="h5" />

<!-- If the article has no permission -->
<ion:deny is=''>
<ion:content />

<!-- Else : Check the deny code (Behavior in ionize backend) -->

<ion:deny is='401'>
<ion:content paragraph="1"/>
<b>Restriction : 401</b>

<ion:deny is='403'>
<ion:content paragraph="1"/>
<b>Restriction : 403</b>

<ion:deny is='404'>
<ion:content paragraph="1"/>
<b>Restriction : 404</b>