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Pagination consist of 3 things :

  • Limit the number of display articles,
  • Display one menu, to navigate through pages,
  • Get the pages of paginated articles

Limiting the number of displayed articles can be done in 2 ways :

  1. By setting the number of displayed article directly in Ionize,
  2. By using one tag attribute to set the number of articles by page.

Set the number of articles through tag attribute

In this case, the number set to the pagination attribute must be the same for the <ion:articles /> tag and for the <ion:pagination /> tag.

<!-- Articles -->
<ion:page:articles pagination="3">
    <ion:article:content paragraph="1" />

<!-- Pagination navigation -->
<ion:page:articles:pagination pagination="3" />

Set the number of articles per page through Ionize

In the page options, set the value of Advanced Options > Articles / page.

"0" means no pagination.

Without the pagination attribute set, the <ion:article /> and <ion:article:pagination /> tags will try to get the pagination value set for the page.

<!-- Articles -->
    <ion:article:content paragraph="1" />

<!-- Pagination navigation -->
<ion:page:articles:pagination />

Pagination configurationTop of Page

The pagination output settings (HTML tags used for pages buttons) are in the file /application/config/pagination.php.

Copy this file into your theme config folder to overwrite it.


Translations of the term "First page", "Last page", etc. are located in the file /application/language/xx/pagination.php.

Copy this fiel to your theme language folder to overwrite it.