To display content other than website information or navigation menu, you will need to use the <ion:page /> tag as entry point.

With this tag, you will be able to tell to all the children tags from which page you want the data.

pageTop of Page

Displays data from given page.
Every children tag will use this page as parent for the displayed data.

To display the current page title, in one H2 tag :

<ion:title tag="h2" />

<!-- Short write method : -->
<ion:page:title tag="h2" />

To display the title of the page with the ID 3 :

<ion:page id="3">
<ion:title />

To display the title of the page with the name "contact" :

<ion:page id="contact">
<ion:title />

The "name" of one page is unique and set in the page options panel.
When saving a new page, Ionize automatically sets this name, which can be changed.
Editors users don't have access to the name edition, so this name can be used in your views code.

Page unique name

To display the articles from the page with the name "news"

<ion:page id="news">

<ion:article:title tag="h3" />


To display the pictures linked to the page with the name "home-slider"

<ion:page id="home-slider">

<ion:medias type="picture" size="960,240">

<img src="<ion:media:src />" data-id="<ion:media:index />" />



Get the parent page

<!-- Get the first parent page -->
<ion:page parent="true">
<ion:title/> : <ion:url />

<ion:page parent="-1">
<ion:title/> : <ion:url />

<!-- Get the grand parent page -->
<ion:page parent="-2">
<ion:title/> : <ion:url />

Page children tagsTop of Page

All these children tag can be used under the <ion:page /> tag, written in "short" or "long" mode :

<!-- Short mode -->
<ion:page:title />

<!-- Long mode -->
<ion:title />
<ion:page:title /> Page title
<ion:page:subtitle /> Page's subtitle
<ion:page:url /> URL to the page
<ion:page:date /> Date of the page. Accept the "format" attribute.
See : Shared attributes for more info on formatting dates
<ion:page:medias /> Media linked to the page.
See : Media Tags for more info on how to display media linked to one parent.
<ion:page:articles /> Articles linked to the page.
See : Articles Tags
<ion:page:next /> Returns the next page
<ion:page:prev /> Returns the previous page

next / previousTop of Page

These page's sub-tag returns the next and previous page.

Display the next page, if one exists :


<ion:title tag="h2 />
<ion:subtitle tag="span" class="small" />

<a href="<ion:url /><ion:lang key="next_page" /></a>