These tags let you :

  • Navigate through languages and display the languages menu,
  • Display the current language information
  • Display static translated items

languagesTop of Page

Iterator for languages.
This tag is commonly used to display the languages menu.

<ion:languages tag="ul">

    <li <ion:language:is_active> class="active"</ion:language:is_active>>

        <a href="<ion:language:url />">
            <ion:language:code /> : <ion:language:name />



Tag attributes

All these attributes are optional.

AttributeValuesFrom versionExample
ignore_current Ignores the current language


<ion:languages ignore_current="true">
   <link rel="alternate" href="<ion:language:url />" hreflang="<ion:language:code />" />

Children tags

<ion:language:code /> Lang code, as set in Ionize.
<ion:language:name /> Lang name, as set in Ionize.
<ion:language:url /> Complete URL to the current content in the looped language.

translationTop of Page

<ion:translation term="..." /> is deprecated from Ionize 0.9.9.

Use <ion:lang key="..." /> instead.

langTop of Page

Displays one static translation, as set in Ionize or in your views.

If the key you're asking for in your view (let's says "your_key") isn't found, it will display #your_key.

<ion:lang key="your_term" />
key no The key of the translated term, as displayed in the Content > Translation panel of Ionize.