Quickstart : Ionize in 4 steps

Just after installing Ionize, the first question is mainly : "And now ?"

4 first steps will help you to start your website :

  1. Create one theme,
  2. Create one page view,
  3. Activate the view,
  4. Link this page to you content

1. Create your themeTop of Page

All themes are located in the folder: /themes/.

To create your own theme :

  • Copy or rename the folder /themes/default.
    For example, name your theme folder : /themes/my_theme
  • In Ionize, select this theme in the Settings > Themes panel and save.
  • Start editing the views files in the /themes/my_theme/views folder of your theme.

The 3 folders config, helpers, views must be present in your theme folder.
No spaces or special chars are allowed in the folder name.

2. Create one page viewTop of Page

In the folder /themes/my_theme/views/ :
Create the file called "my_page.php" and add the following code :

// This will display the current page title
<ion:page:title tag="h2" />

// Here, we will loops through the articles of the current page

  // Displays the article title
  <h3><ion:article:title /></h3>
  // Displays the article content
  <ion:article:content />


3. Activate the view in IonizeTop of Page

A view can be used in 3 ways :

  • For pages
  • For articles
  • As partial in another view.

Page and articles views must be activated so Ionize can add them to the "view" list in the page and article panels.

In Ionize, go to : Settings > Themes...

This panel shows the views PHP files.
For each view, you can enter a logical name, which will be in the view list of the page edition panel, and set the type ("article" or "page").

4. Link the view to your contentTop of Page

First of all create a page in Ionize, then select your view in the view list.

Once your views are activated, they will be available for editors who will create and edit the content with Ionize.

Next step ?Top of Page

Add data to your page views : Have a look at the Tag Reference section of this documentation.