Main Ionize folders

During your website conception with Ionize, you will mainly use these folders.

Knowing their role is a good start.

FolderUsageCan be renamedDescription
/files All the website content medias Yes Medias add through Ionize are stored here. This folder can contains sub-folders, its organization depends on your wishes.
/install Installer program This folder MUST be deleted after installation
/themes Theme folder No Each subfolder of this folder is a theme. The admin subfolder is the Ionize panel theme. It must not be deleted.
/themes/default Default theme files Yes This is a very basic theme used after a fresh install of Ionize. You can rename it or copy it to create your own theme.
/themes/default/config Theme config files No Some of these files are written by Ionize
/themes/default/helpers Your helpers files No This folder is optional. If you wish to replace some of the existing helpers or create yours, put them in this folder.
/themes/default/language Translations files No This folder is created by Ionize when you create static translations items.
See Static Translations for more info.
/themes/default/views Website views No Contains all the views of your website.