Ionize at a Glance

Ionize is SimpleTop of Page

Ionize was built with 3 main basis in mind :

  • Usability : Based on real life user experiences, Ionize is one of the most user friendly CMS
  • Flexibility : Developpers can create there own tags easily
  • Openess : Ionize is open to its community. Sharing ideas is the center of our work.

Ionize is FastTop of Page

Ionize is based on CodeIgniter, one of the faster PHP Application framework.

Most of template language are slowing down performances. The template language developed for Ionize does not.
Inspired by a famous Ruby template language, it is today the fastest known PHP template language... after PHP itself.

Ionize is ExtensibleTop of Page

Build your own controllers, create your own tags, these tasks are just simple with Ionize.

With Ionize, you get the power of CodeIgniter in your CMS.

If you need other data than the provided ones, you can create and use your own Content Elements and Extend Fields, without altering manually the database.

Ionize is modular : If you need one dedicated feature, modules add features to both backend and frontend.

Ionize is Really MultilingualTop of Page

No additional stuff to install : Ionize was thought multilingual.

Each content, from static data like "You are here" to pages, articles, medias data, everything can be translated.

Ionize generates SEO friendly URLsTop of Page

Ionize produce SEO friendly URLs and let you define each URL regarding the language:



Ionize is Thoroughly DocumentedTop of Page

Programmers love to code and hate to write documentation. We're no different, of course, but since documentation is as important as the code itself, we are committed to doing it. Our source code is extremely clean and well commented as well.

Ionize has a Friendly Community of UsersTop of Page

Our growing community of users can be seen actively participating in our Community Forum.

Ionize is beautifulTop of Page

At least but not the last, Ionize provides a beautiful and user-friendly Administration panel.

Our clients dislike using ugly application. We too !
That's why we consider the user experience as one basis when we develop Ionize.

We try to provide the more easy and logical backend : During lessons with our clients, we noticed all the errors they made and we didn't tried to correct them, but to find out a better backend approach. So each panel is designed, redesigned, enhanced by user experience.