Upgrade from 0.9.9 to 1.0.x

Modules changesTop of Page

Config file

Module's config file changed : config.xml is replaced by /config/config.php.

For one module "Demo" : 
/modules/Demo/config.xml is deprecated and replaced by :

See : Build a module : Prepare

Tag library name

From 1.0.3 :

The module's tag library file changed its name : /libraries/tags.php is replaced by /librairies/<module_key>_tags.php

For one module "Demo" : 
/modules/Demo/librairies/tags.php is deprecated and replaced by : 

installationTop of Page

We consider you're doing these steps first locally, to be sure everything works fine before uploading your new version on your server.

From the existing 0.9.x :

  1. Get and temporary store the encryption key from /application/config.php : $config['encryption_key']
  2. Save the existing database
  3. Get your theme folder

In the folder containing Ionize 0.9.9 :

  1. Edit /application/config.php and paste your encryption key
  2. Copy your theme folder into /themes/
  3. Launch the installer

After installation :

  1. Delete all the /files/thumb_x folders : The new media tag doesn't need them
  2. In Ionize, set the theme to your theme in Settings > Theme > Options
  3. Adapt your views
  4. Rename your module's tags libraries from tags.php to <module_key>_tags.php.
    Example : /modules/demo/librairies/tags.php becomes /modules/demo/librairies/demo_tags.php