If you wish to add some data which aren't provided by Ionize, like for example one field "color" on each article or one more complex data called "concerts" with several fields like a date, a place, one map... Extending the Ionize data model is the solution.

They are 2 ways to extend the Ionize data model :

  • Create "Extend Fields"
  • Create "Content Elements"

Extend Fields

"Extend Fields" extends the data model by adding fields to page, article and media.

Extend Fields creation (definition) is available in the menu Content > Extend fields

When one Extend Field is created for pages, articles or media, it will be available for each page, article or media created or already existing.

Content Elements

"Content Elements" is a complex structure. One Content Element has a name and contains one or more fields.

Content Elements creation (definition) is available in the menu Content > Content Elements

Once created, one Content Element will be available for each page, article.

The editor will be able to add several instances of each Content Element to one parent page or article.

For example, if you plan to build one "concerts" page, you have 2 choices :

  1. Consider than each concert is one article and use the existing article's fields,
  2. Create one Content Element called "concert" containing the fields "date", "city", "place", "information" and then let the editor link as much "concert" as he needs to the page "concerts"