Create the theme

What's a theme ?Top of Page

A theme is a folder containing :

  • Views used by the website,
  • Assets used by the theme (CSS, javascript, design pictures),
  • Helpers dedicated to the website (navigation helper for example),
  • Static translations files,
  • Optional widgets used by the website.

Themes folders are located in the /themes folder of your website.

Important: The 3 folders in red in the following picture (config, helpers, views) must be present in your theme folder.

Create the themeTop of Page

To create and use one theme :

  • In the folder /themes, create the sub folder "my_theme"
  • In Ionize, go to Settings > Theme...
  • In the "Options" tab, select "my_theme" as theme and click on Use these themes

That's it, "my_theme" is now the theme used by your website.