Articles and Types

In a page, some articles are displayed in the main column and other articles need to be displayed in a side column.
Article Types make this possible.

Article Types are used by the editor on the articles linked to pages and by the designers in views.

To create a type :

  • In Ionize, go to : Content > Articles Types
  • Click on the button "New type"
  • Enter one name, one color (optional) and one description (optional)
  • Save

Using types in content editionTop of Page

The article type is set in the page articles list.

  1. Edit one page
  2. In the bottom article list, for each article, set the wished type.

One article can have one type when linked to a page and one other when linked to another page.
Article's type depends on the page context of the article.

Using type in viewsTop of Page


<!-- Display the "side-bloc" articles -->
<ion:articles type="side-bloc">

<!-- Article's title -->
<ion:article:title tag="h3" />

<!-- Article's content -->
<ion:article:content />