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Michel-Ange Kuntz, France

CEO of Partikule, Web Design Agency based in Paris.

After several years of PHP development, Partikule Studio came upon the PHP framework CodeIgniter and started developing a CodeIgniter based CMS : Ionize.
Originaly used for the studio clients only, the first development versions have been rebuilt into the project you see today.

Christophe Prudent, Switzerland

CEO of Too Pixel, Web Design Agency based in Geneva.

With many years of professional webdesign and his long experience with CodeIgniter, he brings lots of functional good practices and a lot of conceptual solutions to the project

Pascal Gay

GeniusCEO of Hypee, Web Agency, France

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İskender TOTOĞLU

CEO of Altı ve Bir, Web Design Agency based in Turkey. Iskender falled in love with Ionize, not only because he found one easy and multilingual CMS, but also because Ionize makes his clients happy. Involved in the project since several years, he today helps the team in testing, debugging, correcting and development of modules. He's also the Community Manager of the Ionize project.

Martin Wernstahl, Sweden

Based in Sweden, Martin has developed the "Access" library, wich inspirates us for the Ionize "Connect" library (user management library), and "FTL", the fastest template language library.

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Thanks to all beta testers and translators for their very useful participation.