Change Log

Version 1.0.0Top of Page

Release date : May 26, 2013

Another big step for ionize : 

  • Role based permissions : For Backend, Frontend and modules
  • Events in ionize : Core fires events which can be catch by modules

Version 0.9.9Top of Page

Release Date: December 29, 2012

One big step for Ionize.

  • Complete rewrite of frontend tags : Basis stays the same, but the tags are more logical
  • "Form" and "User" tags replaces the modules Simpleform and Usermanager
  • Backend enhancements

Version 0.9.8Top of Page

Release date : Never released, internal use only.

This release was one intermediate step for Ionize.

Features :

  • Pages "full" URLs : URLs uses the complete nested path of pages
  • Standardization of backend panels

Version 0.9.7Top of Page

Release Date: September 2, 2011

  • Focus on tinyMCE integration
  • Upgrade of the backend to CodeIgniter 2 and mootools 1.3.1
  • Better module management
  • New Filemanager
  • Content Elements : Developpers can create their own complex data
  • Module : Simpleform, to create forms
  • Module : Usermanager, to manage advanced user's features : login, logout, profile

Version 0.9.6Top of Page

Release Date: November 28, 2010
SVN Revision:

  • Features
    • Articles can be linked to more than one page. Each article can have its own type and view, depending on the parent page.
    • CKEditor and KCFinder are available as replacement for tinyMCE / tinyBrowser.
    • Articles "Drag'n'Drop" ordering directly in the tree.
    • No tree refreshing after articles ordering in one page.
    • Page and Article editing more visual.
    • Page and Article creation more logical.
    • Article and page "tab" memory. When editing an article or page in one language, navigation to another item opens the same tab.
    • More tooltips in admin panel.
    • Static translations rewritten. The editor can add his own terms.
  • Views and tags
    • <ion:navigation /> become more simple and more flexible. The output HTML is managed by a helper.
    • Extend fields now outputs the default value if the default value is set.
    • If no view are defined for page and articles in the theme, Ionize now uses the default one from /application/views/default/
    • filters more consistent : "OR" filter correction for <ion:articles filter="name:='TOTO' OR name:='TITI'" />
  • Bugs correction
    • Corrected removing of an external link in a Page or Article.
    • Articles and page internal link correction.
    • Connect lib group ID retrieve bug corrected.